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Keystone Programs

Our programs focus on life enrichment by providing our residents exciting new adventures and opportunities to learn. Each program is designed to help build meaningful friendships while providing the freedom to participate as desired. Over the last two decades, our team has developed a core group of programs that focus on seven key efforts we regularly practice while embracing the overarching philosophy that guides our communities.

Senior Community Fitness

Core Programs

Memories in the Making is a specialized art program initially built by the Alzheimer’s Association that promotes creativity and individuality through the art of painting. While this program was initially designed for those who suffer from memory loss, anyone who picks up a paintbrush can benefit.

Once Upon a Dream program Whether it’s riding a Harley Davidson or attending a Texas Rangers baseball game, Villagio wants to make our residents’ dreams a reality.

Fit for Life A high-quality fitness experience to nurture the mind, body and spirit. Not only do well-trained Villagio staff members provide expert assistance, we also partner with local, regional and national fitness experts to build a robust and effective fitness platform customized to each resident’s individual needs.

Villagio VIP If residents ever have to leave our community for long-term health services or emergency services, we make sure there's always a familiar friend and resource by their side. Our Villagio VIP program ensures our residents receive Villagio support within 8-12 hours of leaving one of our communities. Depending on the resident's needs or length of stay, we can coordinate with the charge and floor nurses to simplify requests for information so our residents and their loved ones can focus on what's important.

Villagio Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy Program Our pet therapy program contributes to the general good health and well-being of our seniors and works to reduce depression and any sense of isolation.

Lifebooking Program Our staff assists each resident in creating a special “lifebook” that tells their unique and beautiful life story. Our program provides residents the chance to continually add new memories and experiences as they happen.

Aromatherapy Hand and shoulder massages provide relaxation and calm residents through the sense of touch and smell. Residents enjoy the heavenly scents of rose, lavender and sandalwood to help them relax.

Activity Boxes Program Our unique program allows our residents and their loved ones to choose from 20 different activities for fun visits that provide enhanced opportunities for connection and communication.

Our Communities

We offer exceptional care programs that are built around each individual’s life history, cultural heritage, current abilities and interests.