COVID-19 Status Update

The holidays have begun and in order to stay safe, we highly recommend that everyone who lives and works at Oklahoma City exercise caution and take extra safety steps during this holiday season. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued some holiday guidelines for all of us to consider if we choose to take part in a gathering.

  • Take into consideration the local county positivity rate before planning a gathering.
  • Those preparing food should wear a mask at all times.
  • If two or more households are gathering, everyone should wear a mask.
  • For residents hosting a small apartment gathering, you do not have to count each community apartment as a separate household. Dayspring Villa is considered one household according to CDPHE, however, you must still adhere to no more than six to 10 people, and you must practice social distancing.
  • Keep the gathering small and short in duration to limit exposure risk.
  • If possible, have a window open or better yet, host the meal outside. Governor Polis has asked for no more than two households to gather together.
  • Attempt to maintain social distancing of six feet or more at all times.

We will serve a special meal for residents and team members during the holidays. We will also do our best to help families connect for the holiday through technology visits, outside visits (if we are able), and closed window visits.

With the surge in cases in our community and nationally, we all must do our part to stop the spread of the

virus and protect those most vulnerable to the harsher effects of this very contagious virus.

At Oklahoma City, our commitment has always been to be a forward-thinking community, evolving with the changing needs of residents. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for older adults, and are proud to be a neighborhood of Christian Living Communities where aging is honored and celebrated.

Latest Updates

Update 11/16/20

Associate Tests Positive

Villagio of Oklahoma City has received news today that an associate in the memory support neighborhood has tested positive for Covid-19 testing. The associate last worked 11/13 and had symptoms on the 14th prompting the test that day with results today. The associate is currently home in isolation. We have one test pending for another memory support associate who is not symptomatic. There are no other associates or residents displaying symptoms.

We are temporarily suspending all in-person visits and will go to window visits and virtual visits until further notice. If you would like to schedule a virtual or window visit in assisted living, please reach out with the information provided in your personal letter that you should have received via email.

All team members are wearing medical masks and gloves when providing resident care. We continue to take the temperatures of residents and team members and are closely monitoring everyone for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Additionally, each of the neighborhoods continue to operate with dedicated team members, there is no sharing of direct care associates and residents are not moving between neighborhoods at this time.

The entire community continues to operate under the CDC restricted status of no communal dining, no group life enrichment and only essential care visitors. Movement throughout the community is discouraged.

We will contact you if your loved one is suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19.

We have established a family hotline number, just for families to receive updated information, toll free 405-766-7955. Please limit your calls to family members only seeking information. For specific resident questions, please know someone may need to call you back after a message is relayed to care teams.

CLC-Cappella will host a Family Town Hall Webinar for all residents, team members, and families associated with any of our 23 supported communities. In the webinar, we will provide the latest status update regarding COVID-19, clinical preparedness and directives, holiday plans and visits, and review state-specific mandates. We will answer questions previously submitted to . We look forward to sharing more with everyone Thursday, November 19th at 5pm CT on the CLC-Cappella Town Hall webinar. You can register here

Please know we are working very hard to ensure the well-being of everyone who lives and works at our community. Together, we will get through this.

Update 10/22/20

Villagio of OKC Indoor Visitation Updates

Villagio of Oklahoma City has temporarily transitioned to window visits only. Although our residents and associates remain symptom free, this visitation change is due to a recent increase in COVID-19 cases in the area. Please know we are working very hard to ensure the well-being of everyone who lives and works at our community and continue follow virus prevention protocols. Together, we will get through this.

Update 10/9/20

Villagio of OKC Indoor Visitation Updates

The Oklahoma Department of Health has recently created guidelines for indoor family visitation in assisted living and memory support communities. Villagio of Oklahoma City in conjunction with Cappella Living Solutions have implemented protocols for resident, associate, and visitor protection.
The visitation will be structured and must be scheduled in advance. Visits will be limited to twenty minutes with sanitation protocols put in place between each visit. Visitors and residents will need to wear surgical masks and remain at least six feet apart. Visitation will paused if any residents or associates test positive for COVID-19, or if there are any pending cases.
Our community continues to operate under the CDC restricted status but a newly formed Health and Happiness committee is evaluating how we can better balance crucial required health protocols with the mental well-being and happiness of residents. We will have more updates soon.

Update 6/5/20

Updates to Health and Happiness Procedure

While many states are in various stages of reopening, government restrictions have not changed for senior living communities. We are still under restrictive CDC status. However, CLC-Cappella has formed a Health and Happiness Committee to reevaluate our current procedures in order to strike a balance between the crucial need to maintain physical health with mental health leading to happiness.

At this time, Villagio of Oklahoma City is operating under restricted status per the state of Oklahoma guidelines. We will keep you updated and will share measures we are taking regarding in person visits as soon as we are able. Thank you for your continued support. Please contact us with questions or for more information.

Past Updates

Update 5/29/20

New Procedures for Health and Happiness Visits

We are excited to share some good news. As many states are moving from “Stay at Home” to “Safer at Home” restrictions, Christian Living Communities-Cappella’s leadership team has been working to distill directives and evaluate procedures in order to strike a balance between the crucial need to maintain the physical health of residents with mental health that leads to happiness.

Oklahoma has not transitioned into the “safer at home” phase for their Senior Care Communities, therefore, the families with loved ones in our Oklahoma communities will not be able to participate in these visits but we are hopeful by mid-June we will be able to start this process.

We have developed new procedures pertaining to in-person visits via a plexiglass divider, self-isolation after essential appointments, residents who are able, to drive themselves to essential appointments, and excursions, which vary by community based on virus activity within the community, state regulations, and level of care. In all levels of living, state directives supersede new procedures. Information on what we are preparing for residents and families was shared at our May 28th Family Town Hall Webinar which you can view here.

This is an unprecedented time, and every decision we make is with the health and happiness of residents, families, and team members in mind. We are diligently planning, resourcing materials, and training staff on the new operational procedures. We appreciate your patience and understanding as it will take some time to implement these new guidelines. Please contact us at with any questions.

While we are overjoyed that residents can enjoy greater freedoms and in-person family visits, we are still facing a virus that disproportionately affects older adults. We ask that everyone continue to do all they can to stay healthy and be mindful of the risk of exposure to this virus. Residents must stay well for our community to be well.

Thank you for your continued support as we celebrate residents and families as they make new memories!


We are committed to the well-being of everyone who lives and works at Villagio of Oklahoma City. We hope you will find useful resources, up-to-date communications as well as the steps we are taking to prevent and eradicate COVID-19 in the community.  As this world-wide pandemic entered our state and county we immediately began to implement stringent virus mitigation protocols, infection control measures and precautions aimed at keeping everyone safe.

As we continue to move forward in an uncertain “new normal” we are steadfast in our efforts to serve and protect older adults and our associates with compassion and empathy for each individual.

We are now entering a new phase of community life, which will include opportunities to return to some activities and events. Team members, residents and family members are learning new ways to engage and connect as we continue to balance the need to maintain the physical health of residents with mental health that leads to happiness.

At Villagio of Oklahoma City, our commitment has always been to be a forward-thinking community, evolving with the changing needs of residents. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for older adults, and are proud to be a neighborhood of Christian Living Communities where aging is honored and celebrated.

Q: What is being done to protect residents and staff?

A: We continue to implement rigorous virus sanitizing protocols daily.  The state health department continues to direct our actions. Residents’ temperatures are taken twice daily and the team is vigilantly monitoring all signs and symptoms for everyone who lives and works at Villagio of Oklahoma City.

Q: Is Villagio of Oklahoma City Safe?

A: The COVID-19 Pandemic is a world-wide health crisis. While no place at this time is immune to the virus, we continue extraordinary precautions with the guidance of local health officials and the CDC.

Q: What are the ‘rules’ your respective communities follow to detect, contain and isolate COVID-19?

A: The health and safety of our residents and team members is our top priority and we will continue to practice all federal, and local mandated measures as well as our organizational procedures to limit exposure of COVID-19 in our communities.

Q: Who is allowed to visit your communities?

A: The community is scheduling video calls.

For all licensed neighborhoods – assisted living and memory support are on ‘restricted status.’ We are adhering to visitation guidelines established by the state and local health department, and CDC. Visitation to skilled nursing community, assisted living community, or memory support community is limited to:

  • ‘Essential Need Only’ visits. Essential need visits include support care and family visits in end-of-life situations.
  • Visits must be brief.

Q: How are visitors being screened?

A:  We screen everyone entering the building everyday immediately, including team members and essential care providers. Screening includes:

  • Temperature screening, we take temperatures of everyone, including team members
  • Cough and/or shortness of breath
  • Sore throat
  • Any travel outside of country or state
  • Identifying if they have visited another senior living community
  • Questions on purpose of visit
  • Once screening is complete, visitors must wash hands before visiting residents and after leaving the community

Q: What are residents doing to stay positive and connected

A: Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial. Positivity begets positivity. We encourage our team member to stay positive and imbue residents with positivity. We are also encouraging residents to:

  • Continue to be social and actively engaged at safe social distances – for example hallway BINGO, hallway exercising and trivia
  • Communicate with loved ones through texts, emails and social media.
  • We’re leveraging technology (FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, emails and text) to connect residents with loved ones outside the community and with each other. Examples include:
    • Virtual visits
    • Bible study
    • Playing and listening to music performances
    • Message board photos
    • Reading books to children via Skype
  • For residents who don’t know how to use/unable to use technologies, families can sign up for a team member to assist their loved one to use virtual visit technologies.
  • We’re encouraging folks to drop off a favorite pre-packaged food item or card. These will be wiped with EPA-approved disinfectant wipes before being delivered. We’re also encouraging:
  • Writing notes to each other, to family and team members
  • Enlist internal and external groups/committees – church, book clubs, knitters to do a card shower for residents and team members
  • Musical performances/poetry outside resident windows

Q: Can you describe your training protocols?

A: CLC/CLS already conducts extensive yearly training for all team members in managing infections and preventing the spread of infectious diseases. These protocols are multi-disciplinary and prescriptive to prevention, containment and how to stop the spread of the disease should it occur.

All communities are following a special set of coronavirus-specific policies and procedures modeled after our very successful flu and norovirus protocols. Training and protocols include:

  • Provide training for all employees on infection control standards
  • Report and act quickly if any symptoms are reported in the community
  • Start isolation procedures immediately if COVID-19 is suspected
  • Notify State and/or Local Health Department which coordinates with CDC to transport resident or team member to hospital for testing
  • Follow state report guidelines for any confirmed cases

Q: What is done if a team member or resident shows symptoms?

A: If a team member has any symptoms, they are required to stay home and report symptoms to their doctor to determine if they meet COVID-19 test standards. If a resident exhibits symptoms, we are contacting the local health department and their doctor to determine the best plan for testing.

Letter from CEO

View a status update letter from Christian Living Communities-Cappella Living Solutions Interim CEO Camille Burke here:

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June 17, 2020

Dear Residents, Team Members, Families, Supporters and Friends:

We have collectively traveled a long road together as our world navigates the COVID-19 pandemic. From efforts in early March of preparing, implementing, and ensuring communication of our undeterred commitment to the health and welfare of everyone who lives and works in our communities; to now, navigating our “new normal” of continuing virus mitigation and restrictions; we have made every decision with our mission in mind, of dignity, love, respect, and compassion for each individual.

The decisions that had to be made were difficult. Living within the required restrictions has been, at times, heart-breaking for everyone. Our continued commitment is to do all that we can for everyone’s health and well-being; this includes efforts to promote mental and emotional health.

For the last four weeks, our team has been working to balance health and happiness. An organizational leadership committee, which includes residents, has worked towards finding creative ways to adhere to required restriction yet allow for more personal connections and personal freedoms for older adults.

We are now entering another phase, where each community will determine how and when protocols and procedures will change for them based on their county and state directives. As we have all seen, across the nation, the decisions are shifting from federal directives to local control. That is the same for all 23 communities in our CLC-Cappella family. Our leadership will continue to guide and support all community teams in navigating the ever-changing government and oversight directives as well as resident and family desires.

The journey will continue as we know that the COVID-19 virus will be with all of us for some time. Every day we will work hard with residents, families, and associates in mind, asking what we can do and how we can do it better. We will not stop asking those questions, and we will not stop until this journey is done.

With sincere appreciation and everlasting hope,
cm burke signature

Camille M. Burke
Interim Chief Executive Officer