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Villagio Senior Living provides assisted living and memory care to residents in Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado. We’ve combined unique amenities with the highest level of caregiving to provide passionate care for our residents and peace of mind for their loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when I need to consider senior living options?

Safety and socialization are the two primary reasons for choosing a senior living facility. If you enjoy being around others with similar interests in a setting that allows you to engage with your environment, and your safety is becoming a little more of an ongoing concern for you or for your loved ones, it may be time to begin considering senior living.

Senior living provides socialization opportunities to help you build lasting relationships while having resources available to help you through the aging process.

What should I look for when touring senior living options for myself?

  • Attention to detail is important in a senior living setting. If it feels like a community and the staff is taking care of the little things, it’s likely they do this for the community as a whole.
  • Friendliness of staff and existing residents is very important, as your new home needs to be a place that fits your personality.
  • Convenience to your current lifestyle is important to ensure that your current way of life is intact after selecting a senior living option.
  • Extensive activity programming and an innovative approach to resident engagement are great indicators that the community’s management team has a passion for your interests.

What options are available for senior living at Villagio?

Depending on the location, we offer a mix of independent living, assisted living and memory care, but can be a resource if a skilled nursing need is identified.

What is independent living?

Independent living would provide the opportunity to have a more active lifestyle, focusing on socialization and companionship. Amenities and services typically make daily living a little easier by providing housekeeping, lawn care and other regular maintenance. Independent living usually provides fewer direct health care services than the other levels of senior living, but safety and security are our main priority.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living layers additional healthcare services onto the services and amenities offered in independent living. Typically, a resident in assisted living may require a little more assistance in their daily activities, including medication management, and age and health-related services that can’t be provided in independent living. Residents are usually active and participate in community programming while building healthy relationships.

What is memory care?

Memory care is a version of assisted living that provides additional safety and security for residents that need individualized attention due to Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. In many memory care communities, tailored programming allows residents to engage with their loved ones by participating in fulfilling activities that are created and customized to their individual needs.

    What is skilled nursing care?

    Skilled nursing facilities provide full-time healthcare options, including both short-term rehabilitation following a significant event, or long-term stays for those who need more constant healthcare attention.

    What is a CCRC

    A Continuum of Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is a senior living option that employs many forms of senior living, typically in a campus-style setting. This option allows for a resident to age in place, moving from one level of care in the community to the next as their healthcare needs change.

    What does senior living typically cost?

    Generally, senior living costs increase as the level of care increases from independent living through skilled nursing. Villagio Senior Living has prepared an expense comparison tool that compares the cost of senior living with the true cost of staying at home. Although it is possible to determine these cost differences, it is also difficult to analyze the benefit of living in a community with tailored programming, a high level of companionship opportunity and a wide variety of amenities that improve your quality of life.