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Community Life - September 3, 2021

Villagio of Broomfield Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine for Team Member

Monday night the Colorado Department of Health and Environment mandated that most health care workers in the state be fully vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus by October 31st. This included hospital assisted living and skilled nursing workers amongst others. All team members (other than those approved for exemption due to medical or religious reasons) at Villagio of Broomfield including volunteers and business partners working in our communities must receive the full vaccine series for the COVID-19 virus by Sunday, October 31st.

Highly contagious variants, including the Delta variant, are exploding across our region and the United States, and COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are rising again. Data from CDPHE indicates that unvaccinated people are most vulnerable to infection and passing the virus to others. Each time a positive case is identified in a community, the community goes into “outbreak” status, which then significantly impacts the quality of life of residents, families, and other team members.

We cherish each team member and their vital contribution to Villagio of Broomfield. We appreciate their commitment and loyalty during this most challenging time. We care for the most at-risk citizens and are in full support of the state mandate which is an essential step to protect our community including residents, team members, and their families such as young children or others that are unable to be vaccinated at this time.

Team members are required to review the mandate policy and process in our online learning system and managers will receive training to support their teams.

If a team member plans on receiving a two-dose vaccination, CDPHE specifies that the first dose must be by September 30th and the second by October 31st. Team members must show proof of the first does by September 30th.

We are doing our best to accommodate personal choices and individual opinions while taking the necessary steps to protect our communities and comply with this new state mandate. One of our central values is We! Care for Each Other; this value is displayed countless times each day in countless ways. Now is the time to show we care for each other by becoming vaccinated.

We encourage everyone to become vaccinated, as it is the best defense, we have in protecting our community.

We appreciate the continued support, patience, and love shown to each other as we continue to navigate each new phase of this global pandemic.

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