Community Life - July 13, 2020

Leaning into Life at Villagio of Kerrville

The Life Enrichment Team at Villagio of Kerrville collaborates with residents to help them thrive, which in turn affects family, friends, and even the community. At Villagio, we understand every resident has a unique story. Our goal is to get to know residents on a personal level and create an environment where they can lean into their own journey of healthy aging. We believe residents are the author of their own story and we are here to support them as they pursue their passions.. One great example of this is a story from our Kerrville, Texas community.A nurse and a patient smiling

A Texas native, Beth grew up in what she describes as a ‘prim and proper’ home. Her father was a successful lawyer and her mother was a homemaker. As a child, Beth enjoyed reading books from her father’s vast library, especially The Wizard of Oz and Nancy Drew mysteries. Beth attended Rollins College in Florida and UT in Austin where she competed in tennis. One of her most memorable matches was when she played doubles against famed tennis star Chris Evert at the Philadelphia National Jr. Tournament. Another claim to fame: she is distant relative to Merriweather Lewis, famous for his expedition with William Clark and Sacajawea.

Life Enrichment Coordinator Robin supports Beth in her passion to pursue writing. They journal together about her life on Mondays. “Beth and I share many things in common,” says Robin, “We are both avid fans of history and literature. When we journal about her life, she will mention an event from her past and we spend time doing research.” Robin doesn’t think of Beth as a resident, but as a very dear friend.

Beth contributes often to the local paper, The Kerrville Daily Times. She writes about her life at Villagio of Kerrville, including what life is like during the COVID19 pandemic:

They help me exercise three times a week here. I ride an exercise bike 20 minutes a day, and I walk a mile three times a week. My appetite and digestion have improved due to the working out.
This June, I have been saying goodbye to a yearly $1,000 output of cigarettes and vapes. I use the patch. No more addictions. I have blessed to be cancer free since 2002 from cancer in my left lung.
I stay hydrated with a morning pot of coffee, mixture of sweet tea and Fusion water during the day.

Beth often writes about her faith. In April, she wrote a lovely piece saluting health care heroes for Nurses week.

The editor of the paper calls Beth ‘one of his favorites’ and recently wrote lovely article about weekly calls to him to pitch story ideas. Beth is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Republican Women of Kerr County. She is funny, witty and one of the most beloved elders at Villagio of Kerrville. She makes everyone smile and is friends with both elders and staff. Robin says of Beth, “She is a very interesting lady and I am very honored to call her my friend.”

With the support of the Life Enrichment Team at Villagio of Kerrville, Beth is leaning into life!

Learn more about our Life Enrichment Philosophy and the advantages of senior living in times of social distancing.

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