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Senior Living - July 31, 2019

Choosing a Senior Living Community? Watch Out for These Red Flags

When looking for a senior living community for a loved one, it is important to find somewhere they will be comfortable and well cared for. Many senior living communities look good upon first glance but may have underlying issues that make for un-ideal living conditions. During your search for the perfect senior living community, look out for these “red flags.”


Each state has its own, unique set of staffing requirements. Take time to learn those requirements before you tour a community, so you can ensure they are being met. Once on-site, ask how many nurses or licensed staff are employed. Talk to a few residents and see if they receive frequent hygiene assistance, as this is often the first thing skipped when staffing gets short. Lastly, inquire about the staffing in general and ask how the training process is handled, good programs can ensure great care.


Dirty areas often help spread germs and viruses, so cleanliness should be a top concern when you tour a senior living community. On your visit, take a closer look at the living spaces – be sure to check for dust hiding under the beds and behind the dressers. You should also look into the kitchen and dining areas to see if not properly cleaned between uses. These signs and others may indicate that cleanliness/housekeeping is not up to par.


Seniors need active living options that continue to stimulate their mind and body and provide opportunities to engage their passion, purpose and interests. A well-rounded facility will provide options for spiritual, physical and emotional engagement. Ask to see the activity schedule, which will allow you to judge if your loved one has plenty of fitting activities available. Talk to some of the residents to see what they enjoy doing each day and ensure the activity schedule is being followed. On top of this, make sure the community allows visitors 24 hours a day.

Food Service

Most locations will let you eat a meal in their dining room – take them up on this opportunity. Find out for yourself how the food tastes, how much is served and take in the overall dining experience. Look to see if the menu is full of variety and nutritious options. Examine the cleanliness of the plates, glasses, utensils and serving areas. You should also ask if residents have alternative choices if they dislike what is being served or have a food allergy.

Villagio – A Local, Personalized Senior Living Community

If you are looking for a senior living community where the staff treats residents with the utmost care, then visit Villagio. To ensure residents receive the best care and quality of life, Villagio sticks to its core principles. We pride ourselves on providing home-like amenities, chef-inspired meals, state-of-the-art healthcare technology and rigorous attention to detail. We will gladly show you what sets us apart from the rest and introduce you to our residents, who are our greatest ambassadors for our senior living communities.

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