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Senior Living 'Break Down'

If you are like the millions of other people before you who have been faced with looking for Senior Living, then you know exactly how overwhelming it can be. The terminology alone can make you dizzy. How do you figure out the who, what, when, where’s and why’s of healthcare? Most people start out not knowing the difference between Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing.

Villagio Senior Living created Villagio ‘At Your Service’ to ‘break it down’ in the hopes that we can relieve some of the stress, by simply explaining the different areas of senior living. It is our hope that this information will serve as a guide for you to navigate the world of senior living, and helping you make an empowered decision.

The Senior Living Break Down is intended to be a living document that incorporates definitions, processes, Frequently Asked Questions and concerns shared by actual family members and residents. Villagio ‘At Your Service’ will provide regular updates as new topics are created to provide seniors and their families the most current and relevant information. The document will generally be organized in the following way:

- What is Senior Living? – The scale of senior living options.

- Terminology & Practical Definitions;

- The ‘Process’ - Identifying your needs and finding the right fit’

- Frequently Asked Questions (Hint: This is very helpful!)