Villagio Coffee Talks

Fostering Community Through Our New “Coffee Talks” Program

At Villagio Senior Living, we're constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of our residents. Our new program, “Coffee Talks," is a partnership with local coffee shop EÔTÉ Coffee and beautifully blends coffee, community and conversation at our senior living centers. Read on to learn more about “Coffee Talks,” and stop by for a cup of joe at one of our communities today!

About “Coffee Talks”

Three times a week, we bring Villagio residents, families and employees together to grind and brew our custom coffee blend from EÔTÉ Coffee. We provide a couple questions to encourage conversation, and then we let the “Coffee Talk” commence. We've found it to be an incredible way to introduce new residents to the community and make them feel more welcome in their new home.

We've even gotten our own families involved! We love bringing our kids to “Coffee Talks,” and they like it, too! “Coffee Talks” is a great way to invite conversation between different generations, and we've already seen it bring visiting families closer together. We strive to make both residents and their visitors feel at ease and comfortable at Villagio, and “Coffee Talks” does just that. It inspires conversations among residents, visitors and families alike, and it breaks down communication walls.

Who knew this seemingly simple act of brewing and sipping coffee could be such a powerful way to foster community?

Contact Villagio Today

“Coffee Talks” is just one example of how we make our senior living community feel like home. Browse our website today to learn more about our Keystone programs, and schedule your tour. We'd love to chat over a cup of coffee sometime soon!

About EÔTÉ Coffee

Founded in 2012, EÔTÉ Coffee is a small-batch, craft coffee roaster located in the center of Oklahoma City. It started with a passion for connecting people and building relationships, so it's easy to see how EÔTÉ Coffee inspired us to create “Coffee Talks.”