Senior Couple On The Bench

Our Life Enrichment Philosophy

We recognize that each person we touch with our life enrichment efforts has a unique history, story and interests. Our efforts honor individuality and attempt to meet each person’s passions while challenging them to grow, learn and contribute to the enrichment of others. We embrace the mantra, “Be Well Known” for residents and associates.

Our Life Enrichment Philosophy is Based on 4 Key Components of Healthy Aging:

Social, Intellectual, Inspirational and Physical

All efforts, in one way or another, supports these tenants and our goal of supporting each individual’s success in these areas, whatever their definition of success may be.

  • We believe each person, no matter where they are in their successful aging journey, has the ability to grow, contribute and enliven their passions.
  • We approach life enrichment from a partnership perspective, not “doing” for residents/clients but rather partnering collaboratively creating unique, community-based programming. We do this by utilizing education, guidance and creation of formal opportunities by which resident’s voices are heard and listened to.
  • Programming is typically tailored to each living option in each community however, inclusivity guides our planning and all offerings are available to everyone who lives and works in the community.
  • We believe life enrichment is a whole community commitment, not just the team members who wear the title. We empower all team members to share their passions in both formal programming and to integrate life enrichment focuses into their daily interactions.
  • Through our innovative approach we believe in leveraging technology to elevate and enhance life enrichment offerings while also investing equal energy into nurturing deep-personal relationships.
  • Our program, efforts and approach further our organizational vision: Creating communities where aging is honored and celebrated.
seniors working out and doing rehab exercises

Resident-Centered Programs and Activities for Seniors

We approach life enrichment as a partnership. We welcome collaboration with residents and enjoy new ways to give everyone in our communities an opportunity to be heard. Here, we embrace the mantra “Be Well Known.”

We also leverage new technology in our programming and acknowledge its role in personal fulfillment. Residents and their loved ones are encouraged to keep growing, learning and contributing to an engaging life – both for themselves and the community.