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Lifestyle Programs

Villagio Senior Living's variety of engaging amenities and lifestyle programs offer an enriching, personalized experienced no matter what level of care is needed. From Rhythms Life Enrichment programming to transportation services and meaningful activities, each service is designed to suit your story.

The Villagio Senior Living Lifestyle

At Villagio, our goal is to create an environment where residents can discover their passions, be supported and feel understood. We bring this to life through the offerings within our community, from art programs to meals and more. Watch our video below to learn more about the engaging lifestyle offered at Villagio Senior Living.

Rhythms Dementia

An Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis changes the way a person views the world. In order to better serve those in our community, we offer the memory support program Rhythms Dementia. Our approach centers around each individual’s natural rhythm in life and adapting to that. Through customized memory enrichment programs, we offer an environment where your loved one can thrive.

Rhythms Life Enrichment

You have your own unique story, cultural heritage, and personal interests that deserve to be valued. At the heart of our Rhythms Life Enrichment Services is the drive to get to know you at a deep, personal level, so we can grow, learn, and embrace any challenges together. After all, you’re the author of your own story and we’re here to offer you support on your journey toward healthy aging.

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The foundation of our Lifestyle Programs is the personalized and compassionate living options we offer. Learn more about our services to help you discover which option is right for you or your loved one.

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Engaging Amenities and Dining

Inspired by our partnership with Duet Hospitality, we strive to transform dining at each Villagio Senior Living community from a necessity to an experience. We focus on fresh ingredients, a rotating selection of chef-inspired meals, and social connection. Our amenities are designed to support each resident as they write the next meaningful chapter of their story. With Duet Hospitality at the core of our community amenities, it’s our goal to promote joy and wellbeing.

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Join our Movement 4 Life campaign!

Did you know that as we age, our daily physical movements become even more important in sustaining strength, balance and flexibility? And that a significant decrease in daily movement routines is a big contributor to physical deconditioning and increase in falls? Recognizing the impact of falls for older adults, CLC-Cappella recently launched the Movement 4 Life campaign and challenge. Movement 4 Life, as the name implies, emphasizes the importance of moving throughout the day, every day. Our Movement 4 Life challenge evolves around 4 core movements recommended by our physical therapists:

  1. March in place (warm up)
  2. Sit to Stand
  3. Sit and Reach
  4. Gait Speed (how fast can you walk in 1 minute)

Practiced daily, these movements can increase strength, balance and flexibility, contributing to your whole body wellness, and can help decrease risk for falls due to deconditioning.